adrienne maree brown

adrienne maree brown has been fanning the flame of Octavia Butler love through workshops and strategic readers for the past several years. She is approaching Octavia's work through the lens of emergent strategy - strategies rooted in relationship, adaptability, and embracing change.

Adrienne started writing when she was 2, won her first essay contest in the 6th grade, and was blogging 5000 people before blogs existed. Writing is her first passion, and throughout an incredible journey of social justice and movement facilitation as well as learning the doula path, her steady identity has been writer, penning words that are from the heart.

She is now a Kresge Literary Arts Fellow. She's written for Africana (now Black AOL),,,,,,, Left TurnRace, Poverty and Ecology; and Yes.  Now, Adrienne primarily and sometimes prolifically writes for her own blog - The Luscious Satyagraha, which has a readership of thousands - tracking her own personal and cultural transformation.