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Jan 9, 2016

"There are SO MANY Anthologies! The vast majority of Speculative Fiction produced is in short story form, and the best way to get into all the different authors and subgenres available is through anthologies. The magazine market is where Speculative Fiction really started (like most popular fiction). However, it has of yet, hasn’t produced any dedicated titles just for POC writers. (Let me know I you know of one!) So if you want to go a-sampling through the bazaar of Black Speculative Fiction looking for your new favorite author, an anthology is the best way to go. Publication in an anthology is a great stepping stone for new authors who are sharpening their skills (and who may be trying to build an audience towards their first great novel).

And there are many that are wonderfully edited. This past year, Octavia’s Brood was bar-none the best, especially as it explicitly focused on the social justice aspirations implicit in so much Black Speculative Fiction. Stories for Chip: A Tribute to Samuel R. Delany also came out this past year. I’m aiming to get in a review of that one early next year."

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