Walidah Imarisha on Prisons of the Future (podcast)

'What if “life in prison” could mean 100 or 200 or 400 years? Does that change the way that sentences are doled out? What happens when a person gets out of prison?

For all of you who’ve written in asking me to do an episode about longevity, this episode is for you. But instead of looking at the usual living forever stuff, we’re specifically going to talk about what happens when it gets applied to the prison system.

It turns out that there is a philosopher who thinks about exactly this. Rebecca Roache, a professor at Royal Holloway University, is heading up a team of scholars who are researching how future technology might change punishment. In this episode we also talk to Walidah Imarisha, a historian, writer and organizer, and one of the editors of Octavia’s Brood, an anthology of science fiction written by activists.'