Bao Phi 'Revolutionary Shuffle' Being Used in Schools!

Check out this amazing letter contributor Bao Phi received last week!

Dear Mr. Phi,

We are a group of 9 educators (from first grade to university) in a summer writing institute that is Michigan State University's site of the National Writing Project (Red Cedar Writing Project).  Each of the participants leads the group in a writing workshop, and today's lead, (a Birmingham [Michigan] Seaholm High School participant) led us through a lesson on writing science fiction.  He used your "Revolution Shuffle" as a primary text, and we wanted to know more about you.  We found your Loft Literary Center bio, but it didn't mention this piece.

In response to your piece, (a Okemos HS teacher) noted that the group had a productive discussion of the way in which some science fiction can spark a generative discussion of social issues.  Yours would certainly fall into this subset.

[We] chose the piece because of your heavy focus on character, and your success in developing them.

Your work inspired us all.

Thank you for responding!