Octavia's Brood Tour Completes on Octavia's Birthday!!


First and foremost, on her birthday today, June 22nd, we want to honor the birth and existence of Octavia Butler, the Black science fiction writer, prophet and patron saint of visionary fiction, who opened the portal through which the Brood is now traveling!

And wow, have we been traveling!! In fact, we have an update on the Octavia's Brood tour y'all:

We Did It!!!

We dreamed of an incredible 10-city tour for this anthology of visionary science fiction/speculative fiction written by organizers, activists and changemakers. We asked y'all to support this book getting out into the world, and you did so, helping us to book a vast and fantastic tour.
Starting in Chicago at the incredible INCITE Color of Violence gathering March 26, 2015, and ending yesterday, June 21st, with a smorgasbord of gorgeous workshops and a massive sold-out reading at the Allied Media Conference where we incubated this project for years, it has been three months of non-stop touring! We did 47 events in 22 cities that included participation from the majority of the brilliant contributors in our collection!
Now... don't panic!
If we didn't hit up your city yet, we could still be heading your way. We are continuing to book events in the fall and beyond, both readings as well as workshops, strategy sessions, interactive dialogues, sci fi dance parties and more. So if you are interested in bringing us your way, please reach out!
We are so appreciative to be doing this work at this time, and to be in communion with so many other visionaries who are daring to dream new futures, and build them into existence. We know we are in a time of an imagination battle, one that is and always has been deadly serious. In the south, throughout cities across this country, we see courageous sci fi creators standing up to challenge the systems of oppression, and to dare to imagine different possibilities while literally staring down the barrels of guns. We see this work as advancing the front line of the futures we need.
We're excited to continue traveling and doing events, and are particularly excited about events that include a reading and at least one of our hands-on workshops to deepen the skills of visionary fiction in our communities. Our model to make this manifest is to connect with a university/college/organization with resources to bring us out, and then do additional community-based events in that city/region.
In the meantime, let's celebrate this incredible experience!! Keep sending us selfies, groupies and usies of y'all with the book, and of course keep spreading the word and the work! 
Also please let us know how you are using Octavia's Brood as a tool and resource, in your reading groups, your organizing, your classes. We have been hearing incredible stories of writing workshops to future selves happening in prisons, youth groups using visionary fiction to reimagine the issues they live with every day, community groups pulling out organizing lessons from the different stories. We want to compile resources on the ways folks are using the anthology to envision new just worlds. So drop us a line and let us know!
We the co-editors would like to offer up our massive gratitude to every host, everyone who took us into their homes, every venue who worked with us to play the audio version of Mumia Abu-Jamal reading his incredible essay on Star Wars and U.S. imperialism, or to accommodate the floods of people, everyone who attended the events and helped us sell out books and venues, every city where we had to move to a bigger venue, everyone who fed us, everyone who helped with our magical travel - and of course the sweet and brilliant writers of these stories and essays. 
Five years ago, Octavia's Brood started as a dream, a vision - as science fiction. So many hands have helped pull that dream out of the ether and into reality. We are excited for the fulfillment of this dream, and are even more excited to take time to envision what comes next. To dream up new visionary dreams for this work of sci fi and social change, and then do the hard glorious challenging and joyous work of building those dream into the every day.
Let's keep going, touching and changing everything in the work of generating just futures.
amb and Walidah