Feeding the Philanthropic Imagination (from Pia Infante)

From The Whitman Institute Blog:

'Yesterday, I picked up a copy of Octavia’s Brood, which is an anthology of science fiction stories by amateur writers who happen to be seasoned activists for social change. I’ve been carrying one of its premises in my heart since I read the introduction: those working to bring about social, political, and economic equity are imagining new narratives to carry the whole of us forward. 


With that as inspiration, I do not want to blog today about my quibbles with traditional philanthropy in the U.S. In the vein of lifting up new narratives, I want to point out a couple of creative catalysts in the field – Open Road Alliance and Kindle Project.'

Read the rest: http://thewhitmaninstitute.org/twi-blog/feeding-philanthropys-imagination/