why philly was all that (amb checks in from the road)

hi, adrienne maree here with an update from the road!

i wanted to take just a second to reflect on the amazingness that was the philly tour stop. as we are shaping up this octavia's brood tour, we are learning so much about the kind of events that resonate, and how it really helps to have a variety of ways for folks to experience the brood work. 

philly took that and made it werk in every way.

for our anchor event, we offered a sci fi and direct action workshop with the leeway foundation, which funds the artistic endeavors of women and LGBTQ artists in the greater philly region. it was a packed and widely diverse room of experience and interest. 

once that event was secured we added events around it - a reading at wooden shoe books and records, where owner matt dineen was pure sweetness and support, and the crowd was fully prepared to geek out with me and be way too happy about life. esteban kelly taugt us a pairing game, had us pair sci fi and non sci fi/fiction things. i paired octavia's parables with nina simone's song '22nd century', among other things.

i got the honor of doing a radio show with the black tribbles as part of their month long octavia city focus - this is where i got dubbed cosmic love tribble, which you can use interchangeably with my name from here out. 

we also planned an octavia's brood party - a sci fi social justice jawn - at a philly collective justice house known as fancy house. our djs were gifted, the crowd was lovely and liberated. the truth is, we need regular times to indulge in the feelings of joy, celebration, finding each other and being in the practice of loving the ways we are ahead of schedule, being futuristic in the here and now. 

on top of all of this, we were able to do events at swarthmore and albright colleges, and have lovely visits to nearish-by baltimore and dc. 

each event brought out different kinds of people who are interested in the juxtaposition of sci fi and social justice. some want to be read to, introduced to the ideas, discuss them. others really want to engage and start applying them in writing and direct action and emergent strategy workshops. others still want to be in their bodies in an alternate universe for a while. 

walidah and i are excited to bring our whole selves to this tour, as well as our brood of organizer-authors. use us well!