We're in Nisi Shawl's Crash Course in Black Science Fiction!!

Octavia's Brood was deeply honored to find ourselves on Nisi Shawl's Crash Course in Black Science Fiction - the list includes all the people Walidah and adrienne read and loved as we became Brooders. Here's what Nisi said:


"Octavia’s Brood — In putting together this anthology, brown and Imarisha searched for what Octavia E. Butler called “change-the-world fiction.” From Sheree Renée Thomas’s thought-provoking preface through Ethiopian American hiphop poet Gabriel Teodros’s time-travel story “Lalibela” to Tananarive Due’s reflection on Octavia E. Butler, “The Only Lasting Truth;” this is a richly rewarding book, extrapolating what will come from what has been, bravely facing the future."


The piece was reprinted by Tor.com in a piece called 

This Crash Course in the History of Black Science Fiction will Change Your Reading Life!

We agree!