Check out ‘Octavia’s Brood: Science Fiction Stories from Social Justice Movements’

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By: Ian Cullen

Since I first got into science fiction through television shows such as ‘Star Trek’ it’s never ceased to amaze me at how much of an inspiration science fiction can be.

Science Fiction and my love of things such as Star Trek, Doctor Who and many other shows, movies, comics and books empowered me to start this here website back in May of 2001.

And science fiction has also inspired to activist and self professed nerds to put together a new anthology book of stories and essays from a great many writers and activist that love their science fiction just as much as you guys the readers of scifipulse do.

I received a wonderfully upbeat subspace communique or is that E-mail from Walidah Imarisha who told me about a new book project that she was working on with close friend Adrienne Maree Brown. The book is titled ‘Octavia’s Brood’ and is a sort of homage to acclaimed and much loved writer Octavia Butler.

The book will include lots of different science fiction stories as well as several Essays from well known academics and writers.

Octavia’s Brood currently has a campaign at Indigogo, and is looking for the help of science fiction fans to make the project happen. The book has already reached its initial target goal, but the campaign does have stretch goals, which will help make the book and book tour so much better. So please do not hesitate to donate and help make something good happen.

Anyway I am going to hand you all over to Walida and Adrienne via the fantastic upbeat video that they produced for their campaign.

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