Autumn Brown in the James Franco Review

Autumn Brown wrote a beautiful piece, a 'future anthropology', that gives a lot of insight on her Octavia's Brood story Small and Bright - check it out in the James Franco Review:

"I was a writer, but not a fiction writer. The story found me anyway. In 2010, I had just moved with my partner, my two year old, and my two month old infant to rural Minnesota from Brooklyn, NY. It was an intentional move and a welcome change, but nonetheless destabilizing as moving always is. Here I was, unmoored from my east coast community of radical artists and activists, living in my own private wild. Maybe my mind was looking for a way to process the change. Regardless the story hit me like a careening automobile, dragging me by the undercarriage until I cried mercy and started writing.

I had a beginning and an ending, a character about to be permanently separated from her infant son, and from the underground community where she had lived all of her life, for a shocking and mysterious crime. She was about to discover (as was I), the nature of the world on the surface of the planet, a place no one among her people in a thousand years had seen and lived to tell the tale."